2021 Annual Report

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There probably isn't anyone who would say making it through 2021 was easy. A pandemic that seemed to never end kept us on our toes as we both strived to keep each other healthy and worked hard to reimagine ministry for a season of limbo that has become much more permanent than any of us ever imagined.


Yet, after 22 months of a global pandemic that has changed social gatherings and community life as we know them, this is a church that has adapted, survived and even thrived in challenging times. This full calendar year of pandemic ministry has seen our church find its stride financially and missionally.



Read the 2021 Annual Report to see how, in the midst of challenges, there was much to celebrate including an abundant love for God and neighbor.


Thanks be to God!

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Pandemic Protocols

Wondering when we will have coffee hour again?
The Re-opening Taskforce has come up with some metrics that will ease us back into our regular and beloved church activities (like singing and potlucks) as COVID-19 numbers in our county go down.  Look at this table to get a sense of when that might be.  We take our determinations from the local school district's dashboard.  As of March, 2022, we are easing our requirement for everyone to wear masks while in our building, however we encourage anyone who feels more comfortable wearing one to please do so. We will be maintaining socially distanced seating during out services at this time.


Stage 3.5— (WHERE WE WERE)

--    Weekly worship meets in-person.  Everyone will be required to wear masks and sit at social distance (pews marked off every other one). 

--    Communion is still reimagined and there is no passing of the peace.

--    Weekly worship continues to be live-streamed and made available to anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable attending in person.

--   Congregational and choir singing permitted with social distancing and universal masking.

--   Church meetings and gatherings resume in person with mask-wearing.  Meetings of more than 5-6 people will be held in the Social Hall, Fellowship Hall or Sanctuary.

--    Nursery reopened with added care for cleaning and social distancing of play stations.

--    Sunday School and Youth meet in-person with social distancing and universal masking.  Eating permitted only when distances of 3-6 feet can be enforced.

--    Continue vigilant sanitizing/cleaning of the facility.

--    Regular food-sharing events like Social Hour and potlucks will continue to be on hold.

--    Food Pantry continues to operate with a hybrid model of client pick-up and delivery to reduce the volume of traffic in the facility. 

--    Thrift Store open at regular hours with universal masking enforced. 

--    If COVD numbers spike to rates deemed extraordinarily high, proof of vaccination may become an additional requirement for in-person church events inside the church.



Stage 4— ( WHERE WE ARE NOW)

--    Sunday worship is in-person with loosened restrictions on where people sit with hands-free greetings, masks no longer required, and a return to less strict communion practices.

--    Weekly worship continued to be live-streamed and made available to anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable attending in person.

--   Church meetings and gatherings resume in person without mask-wearing. 

--    No restrictions on children or youth programming, including Nursery.

--    Food-sharing (social hour and potlucks) will be allowed but possibly reimagined (for example, potlucks might be “bring your own food”).

--  Food Pantry decides which pandemic practices to continue as the “new normal.”

Other News.....

Labor Day 2021 Church at Camp Retreat Weekend at Skye Farm

On September 5th, 2021 we celebrated out second annual "Church at Camp" retreat at Skye Farm.  

Once again our congregation was able to enjoy worship in Skye Farm's outdoor chapel, followed by a yummy picnic lunch, and plenty of fun and fellowship in the sun.  Several CUMC families stayed in cabins and enjoyed extra time around the campfire, cooking meals together, playing games, paddling canoes and kayaks, and exploring camp together!  Skye Farm is such a beautiful site to enjoy any time of year, and many of our youth also attended a week at summer camp there this past July. For more information about Skye Farm, please visit their website at

2020 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report Thumbnail.jpg

Two Thousand and Twenty was a year of pivot and innovation for Cobleskill United Methodist Church.  Each year we work hard to write down the big moments, compile our best pictures and take stock of where we've been.  In the case of 2020, it's more like celebrating what we got through!