Here at Cobleskill UMC we think sending kids to camps is one of our greatest privileges.  With five different United Methodist camps across the Adirondacks and Catskill, there are incredible opportunities for kids to grow in their faith, meet new friends, and have life-changing experiences.  Our church offers “camperships” (scholarships for camp!) to any child who wants to go.

Registration for Summer 2022 programs is live now! 

Click here to browse programs at Aldersdate,  Casowasco, Sky Lake, and Skye Farm.

Our church's Campership program, run by the Outreach Team, has the funds to help your child attend camp.  Follow the steps below to help you through the process:

  1.  Go to to check out each site's programs for this year, and choose a program.

  2.  Register your child for camp, either online or by mail.  If you need assistance, contact our camp agent, Lori Lasher.

  3.  Some of our camps use tiered pricing.  If you're registering for a program with tiered prices and would like financial support from the church, please select TIER #2 for the payment option.

  4.  We are asking that families pay the initial $75.00 deposit.  *Some programs this year may not ask for this deposit.

  5.  After you have registered your child and paid the deposit, please inform Lori Lasher of the camp name, name of the program, balance due, and dates of the program. Easiest way to do this is to forward a copy of the bill to, it names everything.


Review of the process: register, pay deposit (tier 2), send info to Lori.


We want to help as many children and youth go to camp as possible!  If you have more or less financial needs, or any questions, please contact the office or Lori Lasher. 

At any time throughout the process, Lori Lasher can be reached at (518) 378-6246, or